History through Photos of Conferences

Alabama Art Casting has a long history with Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL.  The 2021 NCCCIAP Conference was held virtually due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Its theme, “Lived Histories/Imagined Futures”, seemed a perfect time to catalog the years of photographic memories of early conferences.

Sloss Conference: The Restoration of
George Beasley's Wooden Cupola
Metal Arts Program Moves to #2 Side

SMA crew with Rick Batten.

Southern Conference

Various guest Furnaces and crews, including Southern Illinois University, Georgia State, Lamar College and others.

Please help identify the multi blower, orange furnace and other crews and furnaces.

Southern Conference: University Southern Mississippi Crew

Skip Van Houten and crew use “bull ladle” on gantry hoist to pour large casting

1997 Sloss Outdoor Sculpture Park

A sample of the sculpture park on a rare snow day in Birmingham, AL.

2003 Southern Iron Conference at Sloss

Alabama Art Casting Smelter – primary reduction furnace

Sloss Metal Arts School Demonstration

SMA and Paige Wainwright conduct an early school group demonstration pour for a school group.  We believe it is Carver School in Birmingham. Also, not sure of the date.

1998 Meeting

The meeting between Sloss Metal Arts and Head Director of Alabama State Council on the Arts.  This was an important meeting to get financially supported for development of the Sloss program.


The International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art, 2002, in Hamilton, NJ.  Johnson Atelier

Conference needs identifying

During this conference, Shiiko Kumagai, 15th generation castor of the Suzuki Morihisa caster family of Nanbu

Conference at Sloss: Please help date

Would love your help identifying the date of the conference and crew names.

2003 Southern Conference at Sloss

Florida State University and more.  If you know more, we would love to hear from you.

Conference at Sloss

Please help identify the year, and any information pertaining to this group of photos.


Do you recognize any of these blowers?

Making of a Kiln

Vaughan Randell’s melt-out kiln contruction.  Does anybody know the date?

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