Our website is live again

There were some technical issues that caused our website to go down when we weren’t looking, and it took some time to find and fix the issues.  Thank you to Dane Walther of Boy Scout Troop 350 in Madison , AL, for informing us of that.  We had so much fun with your troop in the beginning of November at Tannehill State Park, and look forward to another in the future.

pouring molten iron into scratchblocks designed by members of a boyscout troup
Iron Pour at Tannehill with Boy Scout Troop 350, November 2023

So, our internet home is back up and running, and so are we.  If your organization is interested in an iron pour at Tannehill State Park, or our facility in Eutaw, AL, or if you are an artist looking to create or finish a project  Contact Us

An iron starfish created and casted by Alabama Art Casting
Alabama Art Casting’s Iron Starfish

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